Infoteam is ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 – Certification – Quality Management Systems

This certification grants our customers a seamless execution of the mandate. The project is structured and standardized in different phases. This quality control process allows to detect rapidly any disfuntion et reduce any costs which may result. Our goal for this certification is to make sure our customers can rely on an efficient and high quality project management. 



HERMES is project management method supported by the swiss confederation which is designed for IT Projects, development of services and services as well as for projects which aim the adaption of an organisation.  HERMES is adapted to pilote, run and execute projects with different caracteristics and complexities. This method is based on a clear structure which is easy to understand. Its modular conception is extensible. Infoteam engineers are certified in HERMES 5.

Technology certifications

Each technology platform requires qualified and engaged personal. Infoteam is certified on different technology platforms such as Microsoft. Each department relies on the certifications needed for the execution of their projects. (Automation, Software, IT).